This Is The World’s Most Expensive Luxury Sedan. Here’s Why

Youtuber Doug DeMuro always brings exciting stuff to light in his car’s video reviews. His video reviews range from the world’s most simple produced vehicles to some of the most heavily equipped ones.

In the featuring video, he answers a question asked by many, which car model is the most expensive in sedan’s category world-wide. As per the guy’s extensive research and knowledge of the automobile industry, he states it to be the one and only: Lagonda Taraf manufactured by Aston Martin. It is twice as expensive as the most costly variant from Rolls Royce ‘Phantom.’

Aston Martin named this model Taraf to refer to its unmatched ultimate luxury standards. The company only built 120 exclusive models of Taraf all across the globe, and the price of this beauty is $1 million USD.

Doug DeMuro gets to review the only Taraf up for sale in North America and who could have done any better job than this guy. We believe there are not as many models of this vehicle in America as a whole, and the reason for that is it was designed for the middle-east market exclusively. They spend their oil money on cars as if a million dollars didn’t even matter a dime, saying about the privileged ones, they are crazy for beautiful and exclusive cars.

Aston Martin successfully sold this immaculate build in Europe and other markets; however, not in North America. Most people here can’t make sense of spending this much on a single car.

DeMuro lays out all the cool features for us to learn about this exclusively designed and sky-high expensive luxury sedan. The review covers every inch of the car from its body design to its engine and even telling us what materials are used in the interior of this unique Lagonda Taraf.

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