Tesla Rear-Ended A Cop Car While Driver Was Watching A Movie

According to Charlotte Observer, a shocking and unexpected incident took place when a man was watching a movie in his tesla that was traveling on the North Carolina Road in autonomous mode and got crashed into a police car.

The ever-rising questions regarding Tesla’s safety in autopilot mode surfaced once again. U.S. 64 highway was the place that experienced the crash on Wednesday near the town of Nashville in North Carolina. As reported by Jeff Wilson of N.C. State Highway Patrol told McClatchy News.

The tesla smashed into the deputy’s car when he was investigating another crash. Both of the vehicles were destroyed, and the deputy car after the impact hit a troopers parked car. Luckily, there were no casualties.

The driver of the Tesla is being accused as he was illegally watching videos while driving. As the law in the US states, the driver should drive with extreme caution while he is passing emergency vehicles.

The driver in the tesla who was not paying attention while driving was Devainder Goli of Raleigh, North Carolina. Unfortunately, this is not the first time when a tesla has crashed into other vehicles while operating in the autonomous mode.

You can have a look at this unfortunate truck when it was hit by a Tesla Model 3 on pilot mode. On the other side, there are also incidents where Tesla successfully moved and avoided hitting other cars while in the pilot mode.

All in all, due to this recent incident in North Carolina, it advised the drivers of Tesla to pay attention while operating the car on pilot mode. It is not all about just clicking a button and occupying yourself on the phone, not knowing what is going around you.

Tesla should be paying more attention to the marketing of its autopilot to instruct better the people about how to operate the car while on autopilot. Fortunately, in this instance, no-one got any physical harm or injuries of any sort.

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