BMW’s New Industrial Diamond Coated Motorcycle Chain Would Not Require Any Maintenance

In earlier times, motorcycle riders had to be half-mechanics themselves to reach the desired destination, in the case to tackle if something went wrong as it usually did. That’s changed with a lot of technological advancements incorporated in modern motorcycles, enabling the motorcyclist to go on long-runs without even having to maintain it a bit. However, chains still exist.

Even the latest models of different forms of motorcycles need timely chain maintenance, which comes due after a certain number of KM’s. The rear-axle requires adjustment as it can even get out of the alignment after crossing a bump in speed. If it is not aligned in time and the rider keeps on riding, it can cause the chainset to break, and one would have to replace it sooner than expected. This necessary routine adjustment and lubing the chain keeps it running for more extended periods.

Now, what BMW has in line is a “maintenance free chain,” it sounds false, but fortunately, it’s a hundred percent true. The German Motor Company claims have built an innovative new chain that doesn’t require maintenance of any form whatsoever. It won’t require rear adjustments, neither would it need lubing for its functioning; it will work perfectly well without worrying for chain maintenance ever again.

What makes the new BMW M endurance chain different is its industrial diamond coating; in other words, known as “tetrahedrally amorphous carbon,” it has made the chain more resistant and extremely hard on the surface of the chain rollers. Resultingly, its durability increases drastically. BMW claims the new coating has decreased friction between the sprocket teeth and the roller surface.

BMW made sure that their endurance chain endures for much longer times as knowing the chain having no sticky lube would catch a lot less road grit; still, they made sure and placed a rubber-X seal for extra dirt proofing.

BMW hasn’t been specific about certain details on it’s to be released chain: how long can these diamond coated chains last? Would the dry chain cause extra wear on the sprockets? Would the bikers need to change the sprockets instead of chains? Further insight on this claim is expected and much-awaited as just the claim is a piece of whole good news for bike lovers. Testing on the coated chain in comparison to a good quality chain will let us know how effective and lasting would it be.

The new diamond-coated chains have not been build for models other than BMW’s S1000RR and S1000XR, and the aftermarket version would also only be available for these two models. It isn’t yet announced when would the coated chains be built for various other motorcycle models.

BMW didn’t say anything about its pricing. However, motorcycle news has stated its retail price of $340, and with the sprocket, the price goes to $507. It is great news for bike lovers as a maintenance-free chain sounds so amazing!

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