Tesla’s Autopilot Can Now Detect Speed Limits And Traffic Lights

After the latest software update by Tesla, their cars are now able to read the speed limits signs as well as the green lights in the traffic. By means of regular notifications, the Tesla car can now generate a speed limit warning by displaying it on the screen on its dashboard.

Moreover, it can now also notify the driver if the car is stationary at a green traffic signal. In the fully autonomous system update by Tesla, these features were introduced.

These cars are already capable of stopping at stop signs and even slowing down the speed on red lights along with the automatic driving on the motorway; the website of tesla advertised the ” full potential for autonomous driving.”

Apart from this, Tesla has never mentioned that their cars are an absolute substitute for a human driver. All the tesla models before this particular one didn’t have software that would enable these cars to recognize the speed limit signs.

Israeli makers provided the camera sensors and the software for tesla cars between 2013 and 2016. These were used in the tesla X and S model, respectively. The two companies parted ways in July 2016 after their first autopilot fatality. Owners of the Tesla cars complained that the road signs were sometimes read inaccurately in the models that were made under this partnership.

As per the reports published on Teslarati, a Tesla blog, these cars sometimes would ignore the speed limit entirely or, in some cases, drove at higher speeds. This latest software update for the Tesla cars applies to the ones that are manufactured after 2016.

Other than that, the company Cruise, which is a relatively new self-driving car business, has come out with a statement that they are in the process of using artificial intelligence to train their vehicles to understand the roads better, especially the bike users and pedestrians. This can prove very useful; for instance, it would be able to detect pedestrians holding their hand up at a signal stop or a cyclist who is extending its left arm to signal that he is going left.

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