Watch This Centrifugal Clutch Pushed To Limits And Melt Down In Slow-Mo

The guy from Youtube channel ‘The Warped Perception’ came up with this fantastic video where he points his slow-mo camera right at the centrifugal clutches to visualize how much it could possibly take.

It is a mere treat for those interested in watching the inside processes while a machine works. The video promises to kill some anxiety off of the shoulders of motor lovers!

Centrifugal clutches are more commonly used in vehicles inclusive of go-karts and scooters, etc. They are a lot different from the ones used in cars and can get to its breaking point if some extra stress is incurred on it.

The video shot in slow and ultra-slow motion will surely give you an incredible experience while watching. What more could you ask for if you are interested in viewing what happens while a machine is pushed to its max? The video gives out an unrealistic vibe when the hot metal starts breaking and that too in slow-motion!

The most out-worldly and mesmerizing part of the video is when the centrifugal clutches start to fail upon receiving the extra stress.

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