Adam Ferrari, CEO Of Ferrari Energy, Takes A Closer Look At Evaluating And Solving Problems In Teams At Your Business

Complex business issues typically require the brainpower of more than one individual. Thus, it is common for organizations to assign challenges to teams in the hopes that they will be able to deliver a more creative and effective solution that a single manager could. This approach not only provides better approaches to common issues in business but also encourages teamwork and collaboration.

Adam Ferrari is a petroleum engineer and entrepreneur. He is also the founder and CEO of a mineral rights company, Ferrari Energy. Through his experiences, mineral acquisition expert Adam Ferrari has learned that there are ways to help teams find the best solutions to common problems. Ferrari discusses this in more detail in the following article. 

Analyze the Issue

When an issue arises, it is best to take a step back and break down each facet of the problem. Taking the time to define the problem helps not only to remove any emotional entanglements but also serves to attack it from multiple angles. In addition to this, analyzing what went wrong is necessary to prevent it from happening again. If a team can do this effectively, they will also be able to learn from their past mistakes and become more productive employees in the long term.

Map Out All Possible Solutions

Once a team has analyzed the issue, they should brainstorm strategies to solve it. Each plan presented needs to be concise, and all team members should feel comfortable enough to critique it regardless of who introduced the idea initially. Bear in mind that while short-term solutions are fine for the interim, long-term solutions are more desirable.

Utilize Critical Problem-Solving Skills

When brainstorming solutions, teams should be sure to fully invest in the idea before discarding it. This means that they should think of the benefits and drawbacks to each concept, and determine if there are elements they like that could be built upon.

Avoid Micromanaging 

Micromanaging is not only ineffective, but it could also prevent a team from finding the best solution to a problem. Managers who do not allow their team to work together and utilize their unique skill set freely and without judgment limit their team’s potential. These managers must recognize the advantages of allowing their team to express themselves, especially during problem-solving exercises. Team members should be encouraged to hold managers accountable, and either address the micromanaging within their own department or reach out to HR for help with mediation.

Review and Analyze Process and Outcome

Sometimes teams can’t get it right the first time. Because of this, teams should always follow up and make adjustments to their plan as they put it into practice. They should ask for feedback from employees, and critically analyze the plan as it unfolds.

About Adam Ferrari

Engineer and entrepreneur Adam Ferrari graduated magna cum laude with a degree in chemical engineering. With an educational background as a chemical engineer, Adam Ferrari was encouraged to learn more about minerals and the inner workings of petroleum engineering. After gaining work experience in both engineering and finance, he decided to start his own private mineral rights business, Ferrari Energy. Ferrari Energy serves to help educate and guide clients on issues surrounding mineral rights. His company also makes donations to organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Freedom Service Dogs, Denver Rescue Mission, Coats for Colorado, and Next Steps of Chicago.

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