This Is The World’s First Transforming Bike That Can Change Into 8 Different Shapes

IDSG Engineering and Trading transforming bike called MC24

There is a vast variety of bikes rolling out in the market but most of these manufacturing companies stick to the traditional designs and don’t risk it to prevent endangering their market. IDSG Engineering and Trading, however, came up with something unique; a transforming bike called MC2 that can be arranged into one of eight different configurations.IDSG Engineering and Trading transforming bike called MC2

The mode it is mostly displayed in is the Cruiser mode in which it takes on the appearance of a tricycle/penny farthing type bike. The pedals on the front remind one of fixed gear bikes, but in this bike’s case, the wheel hub comes with planetary gear system and two brake rotors. It is claimed to be the first transforming bike in the world and it was displayed at Eurobike recently.

The manufactures put hours of work in engineering and manufacturing that led to the riddance of the chain. Instead of using fixed gear drive with constant ratio, the MC2 offers planetary gear and the front drive ratio is controlled, allowing the rider to coast along.IDSG Engineering and Trading transforming bike called MC23

The designers picked disc brakes for this invention and not just one but two of them on the front of the bike. They also added a suspension seat post system for good measures. The handlebars of the bike can be adjusted for the ease of the rider and can be dismantled and adjusted easily by using the quick release function. The frame is also adjustable to suit the riding position and the wheelbase.IDSG Engineering and Trading transforming bike called MC25

When it comes to the frame, the MC2 is not just a design concept. It showcases a number of component ideas put forward by the engineers. The quick release mechanism can be used to adjust the height of the stem offered by the bike. The manufacturers also added a parallelogram type suspension on the seat post for the rider’s comfort. The name MC2 stands for Multi-Configurable 2 – although MC8 sounded more appropriate.IDSG Engineering and Trading transforming bike called MC26

So while risking it by designing a non-traditional bike, IDSG Engineering and Trading have offered you 8 in 1. It is surely something that will get your attention if you are a biking enthusiast.

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