Velomobile Is A New Electric Cycle That Might Replace Cars In Urban Areas

Elf Velomobile by Virtue Cycle Solutions4

A kind of electric cargo three-wheeled pedal car type thing called ‘Elf velomobile’ has been created by a San Diego-based company, Virtue Cycle Solutions. They are looking forward to start its production in the near future. At Interbike 2014, we got a chance to have a look at its prototype.Elf Velomobile by Virtue Cycle Solutions3

“Tall and thin” would be the three words to define the appearance of the Pedalist. The height of this velomobile assists the rider to have a higher view of the road and it helps to be spotted by drivers, says a company rep. It is a fact that lower-hung velomobiles lose their charm to some would-be buyers due to their limited visibility.

Its 34 inches (86 cm) width should allow it to pass standard doorways. Letting it inside would obviously include lifting its target weight of 150 to 200 pounds (68 to 91 kg). This figure does not consist of the motor or battery because Virtue proposes on delivering as per the needs of the individual buyer determined by the planned use, for example, some people might require lots of hill-climbing torque whereas others might value more range.Elf Velomobile by Virtue Cycle Solutions Elf Velomobile by Virtue Cycle Solutions5 Elf Velomobile by Virtue Cycle Solutions2

The prototype comprises of an electric horn, a full polycarbonate body, and a full lighting system (including turn indicators). A probable windshield wiper together with a side mirror that connects to the shell by means of a suction cup is also under consideration by the company.Elf Velomobile by Virtue Cycle Solutions6

At present, everyone at Virtue is evaluating investor interest in the Pedalist, and a Kickstarter campaign might begin. The rep informed us that excluding the motor and battery, they are hopeful to set off the production by mid to late 2015 at a price of US$3,500 to $3,900.

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