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This Is The World’s First Pen With An Integrated Battery Pack For Charging Smartphones

Smartphones have become a necessity of life – no one can really argue with that, right? But the problem with being so dependent on a gadget is that the gadget runs on battery power and will eventually run out of energy. That is exactly why we are witnessing an increase in external battery packs making their way into the market. The latest of such battery packs is Power Pen. It is, simply put, a writing pen that also comprises a backup battery inside it to charge your smartphone.

A pen and a phone charger. The two most borrowed items in the entire world, finally united in one ground-breaking device – The Power Pen.

The pen resembles any other conventional pen and comes with a twist-action that unravels the ballpoint pen tip for the user to write with. However, twisting the body of the pen closer to the top will reveal a micro USB and a lightning connector that charge your iOS or Android gadget via the 700mAh battery located inside the pen. The cap can be removed to gain access to a USB port.

Developers have not made any big claims about how much power the battery can provide. It is quite obvious that the Power Pen won’t have enough capacity when compared with other battery packs out there, however, it will still be able to keep your smartphone battery out of the red zone for about 1-2 hours.

Although the limited capacity of battery is an issue, the convenience it provides is far greater. You can carry it around and it will help you in writing and taking notes while also serving as a charger for your phone. We’d say that’s pretty good for a gadget priced at $40, isn’t it?

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