New External Power Pack Can Charge Your Smartphone In 15 Minutes

15 Minutes Charge Time and You’re Good to Go

Smartphones have become a crucial part of our everyday life and it seems that we can’t really go on without them. That being said, with the advent of smartphones and how quickly it has progressed, battery time is becoming an issue. For all the new models out there, you’ll hardly find a smartphone that can go on for a full day on a single charge and that is why the external power packs are proving to be a success. However, you haven’t seen anything like the two external power packs that we are going to introduce you to.
15 Minutes Charge Time and You’re Good to Go3

Say hello to the quickest of the external power packs that can charge a smartphone within 15 minutes; Unu Ultrapak Go and Petalite Flux. Both of them are pocket sized power banks and come with a promise of providing enough power to a smartphone for a day on a 15-minute charge.

We’ll start with the Ultrapak Go that has dimensions of 3.95×2.05×0.68 inches and a weight of 127 g. It comes equipped with a 3,000mAh battery that can be charged completely in 30 minutes. The cord to connect to a smartphone and tablet via Micro USB is included in the package, however, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t compatible with other cords. It has a small screen that displays power and time left to recharge.15 Minutes Charge Time and You’re Good to Go2

The next in line is the Tubular Petalite Flux that weighs about 95 g and measures in at 3.54×1.18×1.18 and although, the smaller size means easy transportation it also means that the battery is less as compared to the previous power pack. This one packs a battery worth 2,600mAh. This one is however capable of a full charge within 15 minutes. It can also power gadgets with Micro USB and/or Apple’s Lightning connector. It comes with 4 LED lights instead of a screen.

The Ultrapack makes use of a standard wall adapter, whereas, the Petalite is equipped with a charging dock that has been specially designed because in words of the team; ‘pushing this amount of amperage through a standard USB port would damage it within seconds.’15 Minutes Charge Time and You’re Good to Go4

Now, not everyone might need these external power packs but those who do can fully understand the pain of when you need to make an important call and found that your smartphone is without power. The Ultrapack is priced at $60 and shipping starts on 25th August, whereas, The Petalite is still raising funds on Indiegogo.


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