This Is The World’s First Hologram Zoo In Australia – And It Offers Magnificent 3D Views

Australia has taken a bold leap into the future of entertainment with the world’s first-ever hologram zoo, and it’s nothing short of spectacular. Created by the creative minds at Axiom Holographics, this attraction has been turning heads and dropping jaws in Brisbane since its opening in December 2022.

Have you ever dreamt of entering a world where dazzling, 3D images of animals float in the sky? Where there’s a humongous 25-meter whale, elephants, giraffes and dinosaurs all around you? That’s what a hologram zoo looks like– an amazing Noah’s Ark with over 50 holographic creatures to marvel at. It’s a sight to behold!

The hologram zoo isn’t just a generic stroll through animal-land. It’s an eye-popping, out of this world adventure that’ll take you everywhere from the open savannas of Africa to the frozen tundras of the Arctic! Plus you can even journey back in time and wander with dinosaurs like you’re right there with them! But don’t forget the amazing underwater realms that’ll make you feel like an authentic deep sea explorer.

The clever application of cutting-edge holographic screen technology distinguishes this zoo from other virtual reality experiences. Axiom’s invention makes it possible for numerous people to simultaneously share the same jaw-dropping spectacle, unlike VR headsets, which can be burdensome and alienating. The holograms maintain their locations even when you move about them, so picture the delight of seeing these wonders with your family and friends from various angles.

Axiom Holographics has left no stone unturned in crafting this fantastical realm. They’ve infused the exhibits with 4D effects, adding elements like wind, temperature, and even smells to heighten the realism. As you stand amidst an Arctic breeze or catch a whiff of the wild savannah, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in these breathtaking worlds.

There are two stunning 65-foot (20-meter) tunnels with screens on three sides and comfortable 16-foot (5-meter) rooms with screens encircling you on all four walls inside the enormous 16,000 square foot (1,500 square meter) “holographic zoo.” Talk about being completely submerged in a mind-altering experience.

The smaller rooms offer escape room-style adventures featuring lesser-known zoo animals like Dracula and Frankenstein. Who knew you could have a thrilling encounter with mythical creatures in a hologram zoo?

The hologram zoo is the brainchild of Axiom CEO Bruce Dell, who has a vision of teleporting visitors to places they could only dream of. Indeed, this remarkable attraction accomplishes just that. From witnessing the sheer size of a life-sized whale to encountering creatures from different times and regions, it’s an adventure unlike any other.

So be sure to see the hologram zoo if you happen to be in Brisbane, Australia, before it closes in six months. You won’t be sorry! Axiom Holographics has big ambitions to expand its hologram entertainment centers to Japan, Texas, Europe, and other countries, so don’t worry if you can’t make it in time. The first hologram zoo in the world is just the start of a revolution in entertainment, and it’s exciting to imagine what the future may hold.

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