This Is The Technology Behind Tesla’s Cold Rocket Thrusters That Make It Fly


In this video, the Youtube channel Engineering Explained gives an insight into Tesla’s roadster rocket thrusters system and how they help improve the car’s overall performance.

He answers the most common questions asked about this specific model. Starting with the car’s weight to how fast it actually can go, he covers it all! Mainly he talks about the working mechanism of Tesla’s cold gas thrusters and how they make a significant difference.

Chewie, Punch It: If The New Tesla Roadster Gets A Thruster System, How  Might It Work?

An electric air pump is powered by the main battery, which compresses the air into COPV (composite over-wrapped pressure vessel). It functions to compress the air up to 10,000 psi, and that air is then delivered to 10 cold gas thrusters integrated around the roadster.

These cold gas thrusters will allow for incredible acceleration, braking, cornering. The most exciting part of the video is where Youtuber tells if this model can fly? Watch the video below to find out all the interesting things one should know about this interesting built.


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