Designer Builds World’s First Wooden Supercar After Spending 9 Years

17-Year-Old Builds A Functional Wooden Car As A Physics Project

It is quite fascinating to watch some people being super passionate about the most uncommon and unique ideas. Joe Harmon is a designer and is a perfect example of such individuals. The guy belongs to North Carolina and has spent nine years of his life on a project of a wooden sports car.

Joe said he got this unique inspiration from a WW2 airplane, famous as the ‘Wooden Wonder.’ The nine years time makes it almost twenty-thousand hours spent on the lightning wooden sports car project.

Joe named his magnificent and one of a kind built as ‘Splinter.’ The car in itself is a 90 percent made of wood with the rest 10 percent belonging to the engine and other components. Under the hood is a machine capable of producing 650 enormous horsepower.

Joe, while explaining his built, said that wood is the only naturally renewable material and comes with tonnes of pros. It makes with a small amount of energy and is a biodegradable material. Joe believes that wood comes with a better weight to strength ratio, which promises to improve the performance.

While explaining some of the downsides of his project, Joe said it gets hot, bumpy, and a little uncomfortable while riding the Splinter. His wooden sports car comes with bad visibility from the driver’s seat. He used twenty different types of wood, some of which were walnut, cherry, maple, ash, and birch, to complete the structure of the car.

Joe appreciated the help he got from his friends and family while he worked hard on the project. Watch the video below to find out details about the only wooden sports car on the planet.


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