Tesla’s Chinese Competitor Unveils Electric Flying Vehicle With Eight Rotors


Xpeng Motors is a fast-growing Chinese automotive manufacturer, and they have recently unveiled their latest concept of Kiwigogo flying vehicle at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

Along with showcasing its unique new electric flying vehicle, the company also announced its plans at the 2020 Beijing Exhibition. Not only this, Xpeng is seeing good days thanks to its stock sale of $1.7 billion at the New York stock exchange and this has enabled it to take on such ventures.

Kiwigogo comes equipped with eight turbofans with the ability to carry two individuals and can go up to the height of 82 feet. It is one of the major projects under the latest plans of Xpeng to introduce new innovations to the auto market.

KIWIGOGO T-ONE #personal aircraft in the future - YouTube

The year 2020 has been hard on the general population and businesses; However, Xpeng has been doing well and has started exporting vehicles to Europe for the first time during this year.

Xpeng announced its future production plans at the Beijing auto show. A significant part was the development of flying electric cars and undoubtedly, Xpeng’s offering is one of the most futuristic flying car ever in the mobility industry. The new flying car project will help in shaping future concepts for such means of transportation. We don’t know if it’s soon to say that people will be flying around the busy cities without having to wait for hours in terrific traffic. Such innovation will surely be a significant and fascinating addition to new means of transport.

“This is a long-range R&D exploration for us to focus on mobility in a bigger picture,” Brian Gu, vice chairman and president of Xpeng, in a statement to CNBC at the Beijing Auto Show held on Saturday.

Gu’s interview says that the future electric vehicles will come equipped with the autonomous mode that we know from Tesla and some other manufacturers but will have more additions such as autopilot flying, creating a multi-dimensional and vast eco-system.

Kiwigogo flying vehicle prototype by Xpeng Motors Editorial Stock Photo -  Stock Image | Shutterstock

Xpeng’s Future Plans:

The plans that Xpeng has are pretty ambitious as it is not only aiming to compete Tesla in electric vehicle manufacturing, instead has aimed to go beyond by putting in a lot of new key features into their builts.

The futuristic and inspiring Kiwigogo flying vehicle is in its concept phase, while the company is evaluating whether if it should be mass-produced. The future heavy investment in such means of untested mobility will only be made depending on the UAV regulations As these regulations are strict and take into account safety and other relevant concerns before approval. Fingers crossed!


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