This Is The Science Behind Cooling Mechanism Of F1 Cars

F1 race lovers and followers often see incidents when a track car catches fire due to getting overheated. There is always a probability of occurrence of such an incident due to the levels of speeds at which these vehicles operate on tracks. This calls for an efficient cooling technique to let these race cars perform at their best without melting its parts. However, cooling it doesn’t come easy, given the high temperatures.

The reason for them to fire up like this is that these race cars have various mechanical parts that rub against each other, which resultingly create lots of friction within its system. Its legendary fast engine called ICE blows petrol within its boosters and exhausts that adds to fire up the heat more.

You will have a clear idea of the produced heat after knowing that the internal components of these machines tend to change their respective shapes due to high temperatures. In the worse case, they can even overlap each other, causing abnormalities in its basic functioning after staying on the tracks for a bit longer, performing at their optimum levels. This is the reason they require a crucial speedy change of its tires and some other vulnerable essentials to keep it running smoothly.

It’s just like a smartphone or a gadget that gets overheated due to extensive heavy gaming, or for instance, you keep on charging a device and simultaneously keep on using it also results in it to get hot. Such is the case with the F1 race cars as their drivers continuously test them to their limits on the track while competing with other world’s fastest drivers.

It is quite an obvious thing that these cars, in the absence of an effective cooling system, can catch fire with ease. For this, engineers and race car manufacturers have a cooling system that effectively plays its part in keeping things at average temperatures.

To kill your curiosity about how these machines are kept cool, Youtuber Chain Bear has an informative video explaining as to what sort of cooling technology is used and how it works its miracle. Watch the video to unfold the facts unknown about these miraculously fast machine’s cooling system.

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