This Is The Impossible Screw Trick That Has Everyone Stumped

Are you ready to impress your friends with this amazing trick? This amazing DIY hack – The Impossible Screw – can make you the life of the party! It can be used as a great joke or a magic trick to impress your friends at the next get together! Every now and then, the Internet bestows us with something special, and this video by Latheman’s Crazy Machines is exactly that.

This particular video of the impossible screw will make you ask the question; how the heck did this guy do it? It could have been magic or maybe some kind of peculiar engineering. It will have you stumped, that is for sure. The video is titled, ‘The Impossible Screw will drive you nuts.’

The video has been quite aptly named, and you will be left scratching your head when you see the trick. The screw and brass bolt are only able to rotate clockwise. However, you can rotate the screw and still only be able to rotate it clockwise. What is confusing is that if the screw was being rotated clockwise in position A then rotating the screw 180 degrees to position B must imply that it should be able to rotate counterclockwise. However, no matter how you hold the screw; you can only rotate it clockwise.

Surprisingly enough, when the YouTube user holds the impossible screw and applies pressure on both sides, he is able to rotate the screw counter clockwise. The sorcery has got us stumped as well folks! But don’t worry, the YouTube user will show you how the trick is pulled off!

The impossible screw has been created by the YouTube user himself, and he will explain how it can be created in the video given below. Check it out and let us know what you think of this amazing DIY hack!