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Here’s How You Can Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Using An Aluminum Can

Every now and then you find yourself in your home without the Wi-Fi signal. It sucks. You actually have to make changes to your room’s setting so that you get strong signals on your bed or your table. A little bit of knowledge about how the Wi-Fi router works can help you boost its signal though. What follows is a guide on how to enhance the Wi-Fi signal using a simple can (beer/soda).

Before we jump into the DIY guide, let’s talk about how a Wi-Fi signal works. In simplest of words, it makes use of radio waves similar to TV or smartphones. The Wi-Fi router receives the data via the broadband connection and then transmits it as a radio signal which is then picked up by wireless adapters of our devices. The signals are stronger closer to the router and drop as you move away from it. The signals are extended out using the antenna incorporated into the router, however, sometimes that antenna just doesn’t cut it and that’s where YouTube channel KipKay comes in!

All that you required for this particular project are scissors or a knife along with an empty aluminum can (1 or 2 depending upon number of antennas on your router).

Once you have washed the empty can, make use of scissors or knife for cutting out the bottom. Now repeat the process at the top as well but don’t cut all the way, instead leave an inch or two of top (refer to picture).

Now place a straight cut from top to bottom opposite to the not-cut-top and fan the tin out into a U shape.

Make use of the opening at the bottom for placing your DIY booster over the antenna of the router.

As per KipKay, this hack triples the Wi-Fi signal strength.