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Check Out This Awesome Batcave Made Out Of 20,000 LEGO Blocks

Batcave made from LEGO9

We’ve always stood by our statement that there are two kinds of people in the world; those who are Batman fans and those who need to go on a self realization journey. So here we are, with a post on how two die-hard fans, Wayne Hussey (related to Bruce Wayne?) and Carlyle Livingston, went through a painstaking project, and have now completed what is known to be Bruce Wayne’s Batcave with over 20,000 LEGO bricks.Batcave made from LEGO

This endeavor was carried out for the Emerald City Comicon and the project has gone viral since they uploaded pictures of the project on the Internet. The pictures are highly detailed photographs and shed some light as to how much effort was put into this project.

An estimation tells us that the duo spent 400 hours each over a times span of three months to complete this project. The complete structure weighs in at about 50 Kg and the roof can be removed so that the cave can be divided into three parts and transported with ease.

The Batcave has a miniature Batman, Alfred and the collection of outfits that Batman uses along with the complete line of his vehicles; Batmobile, Batboat, Batcopter and Batbikes along with an inventory for weapons. Batteries are required for the power that is needed to rotate platforms, impart lighting effects and to launch the Batplane.

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