This Smart Screwdriver Works With A Hammer To Magically Remove Stuck Screws

Whether you are someone who deals with fixing and making things or just a DIY person, chances are that at some point in your life, you have come across a stubborn screw that just won’t come off. This gets very annoying and frustrating. Over time, the screws tend to collect dust, rust, and other impurities in between the small details of their design. They do the job of holding pieces together well, but they do not seem to be undone even when needed.

An innovative way has come as a solution for this problem, and this is claimed to be better than lubricants or other methods. These are the screwdrivers that only work when you use a hammer to smash them into the screw.

Usually, the solution for the issue is to use WD-40 lubricant to grease the stubborn screw. It works as well but sometimes; the screws are old, and they have a lot of debris collected in the small corners and edges that the lubricant cannot entirely reach the screw. If the WD-40 does not work either, the last resort is to drill the screw, clean the hole, and then use the surface again. However, it can destroy the surface too.

Here is when this new tool comes in. The innovation is done by Crescent Tools that has created the Screw Biter Impact Extraction Screwdrivers that ask you to use the energy that you have out of frustration into a solution that is not as messy as the lubricants and drill bits. In fact, this is going to be far more effective and efficient.

When the screwdriver is aligned with the screw you want to undo, you strike its steel endcap with a hammer. This force starts the Screw Biter’s internal mechanism which turns the shank 12-degrees with more torque than could be produced if only the bare hand was used. It’s a small amount of rotation, but with a massive amount of force, it is more than enough to break a screw-free, allowing it to then be easily unscrewed the rest of the way by hand.

It comes in Phillips #2 and quarter-inch slotted styles. Regularly, it can be used as a casual screwdriver and when it is used with a hammer, it does the trick.

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