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This Is The Fastest Way To Defrost A Windshield According To Science

Remove ice from windscreen

Winter is here.

No, it’s not GOT’s winter, it is actually here, the winter season, which means its that time of the year when you have to wake up extra early in the morning to get your windshield to defrost.

Luckily, science has just come up with a solution to this problem. Try these tricks and you can get ten minutes extra to sleep before going to work.

All the credit goes to DIY genius Mark Rober whose findings are really amazing.

To begin with, Mark explained what causes the windshield to fog up.


According to him, when the air surrounding us gets oversaturated with moisture, we start to see everything around us fogged up.

Mark demonstrated the theory with the help of towels. A big dry towel can absorb a large amount of moisture while a small towel that is already wet, can’t hold anymore.

Mark has tested out a few ways to defrost the windshield in his video. Watch it to get your hands on this latest winter hack.

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