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25 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

Life hacks are tips to make your daily life tasks easier. Following are the most innovative and amazing life hacks that can make your life more interesting.

  25. No more time wastage in finding keys

A tennis ball can help you in hanging keys, even nails and cloths. Isn’t it the most innovative key holder?

24. A half of pool noodle would save slamming car doors

Attach one half of pool noodle to the wall of your garage to save car doors from slamming against the wall.

23. Make your own CD cover

All you need is a paper of your choice. Follow the illustrations and make yourself an amazing cover.

22. Binder clips are best for cord holders

Use binder clips for cord management. This always works.

21. No more tangled wires

Paper towel tubes are best for avoiding tangled wires.

20. Unscented dental floss for perfect cutting

Dental floss can do very fine cutting for soft food items.

19. No more boil overs

Putting a wooden spoon across the pot can stop it from boiling over.

18. Give your keys identity

Apply nail paint on your keys to recognize them easily.

17. Clean up your car’s hazy headlights

A tooth paste cleans the hazy headlights of your car in a cheap way.

16. Straighten your collars with the straightener

For the lazy men around: you can iron your collars with the straightener as well.

15. Remove stems from the strawberries without making your hands sticky

Using a straw to remove stems from the strawberries will make your work easier and your hands won’t get sticky.

14. Fix your keyboard’s broken feet

Binder clips can help in repairing keyboard’s feet.

13. Use cloth pin while hammering

Using a cloth pin to hold a nail while hammering will save your thumb from injury.

12. Serve yourself the most amazing sandwich ever

Fill every corner of your sandwich and make it pleasurable for your tummy. Isn’t it the best sandwich guide ever?

11.  Store pancake mixture in a ketchup bottle

Pancake mixture stored in a ketchup bottle will be easily squeezed out and there won’t be any mess.

10. Open up tight knots with ease

Open up the knots without putting an effort. Instead of pulling, just twist it as much as you can and a gap will be created itself.

09. No more receiving unknown emails

Just unsubscribe the marketing emails you do not want to receive.

08. Freeze coffee in an ice-cube tray

Freezing coffee in an ice cube tray will not water down your ice coffee.

07. Re-heat your over night pizza without making it chewy

While heating your over night pizza, put a glass of water with it in an microwave. The pizza will not get chewy.

06. Tired of plugging cords again and again?

Tie the cords together, they will not unplug again and again.

05. No more rising of a straw

Put the straw into the tab of the tin so that it does not rise up and down.

04. Pants holder = book holder


Don’t waste your money on buying expensive book holders, try a pant holder. It will work same as the book holder does.

03. Keep your pizza warm while driving back home

Turning on the seat warmers will keep your pizza hot while driving back at home.

02. Lighten up your candles with spaghetti

A spaghetti can lighten up  candles that are hard to reach.

01. Reuse your old cassette cases

Use an old cassette case to hold your phone and enjoy watching videos while lying down.