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This Is How You Can Play The Text Adventure Game On Google’s Homepage

text adventure google easter egg

Recently a Redditor came across an amusing little video game which is hidden in the background code of Google’s homepage. The Redditor attempt_numer_1 discovered the game. The text adventure is a previously known Easter egg which was buried deeply into waiting to be found for God knows how long. You can see it by using Google Chrome. Go to and search text adventure. Right click on the result page and click ‘inspect.’ Then click the ‘console tab’ on the new window which pops up.

The text adventure game is genuinely amusing. It doesn’t support the two-word commands like other classics of the same genre. This is a classic in its kind as well. If you feel like playing more conventional classics, then you can find Zork on the web as well. It looks almost the same and works as a web browser does. Go on & check the game and take a break from work for a while!

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