10 Cool Google Tricks That Will Change The Way You Use The Search Engine

Every now and then, Google brings something for us to cheer and awe at, whether it is a doodle related to an event or a cool trick or a game to waste some time. But there are many more that remain obscure despite being too good to live unknown. So today we bring you 10 best Google tricks and games that will change the way you use the search engine.

1. Tic Tac Toe on Google Search Page

Pic Credits: Google

Search “Tic Tac Toe” in Google and you can enjoy this ever green game with the computer or even your friend.

2. Play Solitaire

Image Credits: Google

If you get bored from Tic Tac Toe, you can search for Solitaire and have an alternative to the age old Windows’ version. The game also offers 2 difficulty levels.

3. Google Gravity

Image Credits: Google

You can view this awesome feature here. Google and all the buttons on the home page can be seen tumbling down into a heap of mess, but amazingly they all work just like the normal ones! Isn’t this cool?

4. Playing Pac-Man on Google

Image Credits: Google

This feature was released on the 30th anniversary of the Pac-Man game (May 22, 2010). Simply Google-Pac-Man, and you can be part of the millions of fans who have played the game. A super way to spend a boring day at the office!

5. Do a Barrel Roll

Image Credits: Google

Search for “Do a barrel roll” on Google, and sure enough, you’ll find Google spinning around for you. This was an Easter Egg introduced back in 2011, but this surely will never get old.

6. Askew – Tilting Google’s Search Page

Image Credits: Google

Similar to the barrel roll, Search Askew, and it will tilt your Google page to the right!

7. Let Me Google That For You

Image Credits: Google

Let Me Google That For You is a web service that helps you make your grandparents understand how the internet works. Although this attempt, like the previous 100 ones, is also destined to fail, it is still worth a shot.

8. Get a Logo Like Google

Image Credits: Google

You can create your own Google-like logo using this awesome feature. Goglogo uses a web service that uses GIF files, one for each letter, and then assembles them to the letters of your text.

9. The Zerg Rush Game

Image Credits: Google

Searching for “zerg rush” will start an action packed game where deadly Google O’s will gnaw away at the search results on the screen. You can save the results by clicking the O’s with your mouse until they are destroyed. There’s also a point counter for the number of O’s you have killed.

10. Google In 1998

Pic Credits: Google

Here’s your chance to go down the memory lane. You search “Google in 1998” and get a taste of how the search engine looked when it was first launched almost two decades ago.

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