This Secret Google Game Transforms Your Search Results Into A Ball

Looking to have a bit of amusement and pass the time while you’re feeling unoccupied at your workstation? Well, Google has unveiled a hidden gem—a captivating and uncomplicated game.

The game is based on Katamari – a popular Japanese video game featuring a ball called a katamari that rolls up objects.

This game centers around a rolling object that gathers various items. As a tribute to its 20th anniversary, Google has incorporated a delightful surprise that transforms your search outcomes into something enchanting.

To uncover this covert game, simply access the search engine on your preferred device and input the name of the game. Look for a small, lively object in a designated area of the screen. Interact with this object, and the game will commence!

When playing on a computer, make use of certain keys to maneuver the object, while on a mobile device, swipe your finger to control it. As the object progress es, it assimilates the content displayed on your screen, and your objective is to completely clear the screen. Although it may appear effortless, it becomes increasingly challenging as the object gains momentum and accelerates.

A handful of users have managed to discover this hidden feature, marveling at its mystical nature.

‘If you google Katamari then click on the Katamari ball….it’s magic,’ they tweeted.

Another added: ‘Just search Katamari right now on google and click the ball…they’ve definitely spent some effort here.’

And one joked: ‘Google Katamari and waste your time like me hahahah.’   

Google is known for its elaborate Easter Eggs, and regularly hides fun games within Google Search.  In a previous instance, a resourceful user spotted an old-fashioned text-based adventure game within the search engine’s developer tools, which allowed players to navigate through tasks using their keyboards.

To experience that particular game, initiate a search for certain ‘text adventure’ or ‘text game’ in your web browser. After searching those terms, press Ctrl+Shift+J on a Windows computer or Cmd+Option+J on a Mac.

This will open Google’s developer console and ask if you want to play a game. From there, type ‘yes’ and hit enter. A captivating text-based adventure will unfold, enabling you to embody a prominent character associated with the search engine.

So, the next time you find yourself idling away, yearning for an enjoyable experience, why not give these hidden gems within the search engine a whirl? You’re bound to encounter an enchanting surprise!

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