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This Is The Best City In The World To Travel And Work Remotely – And It Is Not One You Would Expect

As per the statistics revealed by Icelandair, Kansas City, Missouri, has been ranked first in the list of cities that are considered the best to travel and work remotely in the world. That means you do not need to take your PTO (Paid Time Off) in order to spend your vacations separately. Living in Kansas City, you can easily manage your work-life balance by working during the day and exploring the beauty of this city after work. You will be compelled to appreciate the beauty of Kansas after living here.

The city is renowned for having “more fountains as compared to Rome” and a barbecue, which leaves the citizens awestruck. Also, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kauffman Stadium, and Worlds of Fun are the major sites to attract tourists from all over the world. Moreover, the jazz scene in the city and a thriving downtown add to its beauty. Another important thing to acknowledge is that Kansas City has successfully overpowered all of the 115 cities across the world and won the title of being the first city to offer “slow” travel options.

In spite of all these tourist attractions in Kansas City, the most important thing that makes a city worth living in is its quality of life, and that’s what the Icelandair ranking system aims for. Kansas City has qualified as the city having the best working conditions, i.e., the internet speed, working hours, etc., and the quality of life, including the cost of living and the health facilities. The top ten cities in the list include Kansas, Vienna, Wellington, Copenhagen, Edinburg, Victoria, Perth, Frankfurt, Brisbane, and Helsinki.

According to Gisli S. Brynjolfsson, who is the director at Icelandair, countries like New York or Los Angeles are not at the top of the list because “these aren’t always best when you’re looking to take a step away from the busy hustle of a usual working day”. Moreover, discussing the importance of slow travel options which Kansas City offers, he said, “Slow travel is a growing trend that emphasizes connections, whether that be with the local people, businesses, culture, food, and the desire to leave places in a condition future travelers can explore, too.”

As per the study conducted by Expedia’s latest Vacation Deprivation consisting of 14,500 professionals from 16 different countries of the world, it has been discovered that 61% of Americans who had gone on “vacations” didn’t get the true essence of them and came back more burned out. Therefore, the findings from Icelandair suggest that taking short breaks during your work and developing a link with nature can make you more relieved and relaxed.

It has also been suggested that you should have a colleague or travel partner with you who continuously keeps on directing you to categorize your resting schedule besides the busy work routine which will ultimately prevent you from being burnt out.

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