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This Is How Mercedes New Multi-Spark System Works

mercedes uses multi spark plug for ignition in engines

Mercedes uses a technology called ‘Multispark Ignition’ in its latest generation of engines. In this technology, the spark plug is fired multiple times when igniting the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinder. This is to enhance the efficiency and is explained in detail by Engineering Explained host, Jason Fenske. When the load on the engine is low, it is more beneficial to use a lean air-fuel ratio which means that there is a lot more air in the mixture than there is fuel in it.

In this situation, it can be challenging to start ignition quickly because of how spread out the fuel is within the cylinder. The multi-spark ignition system of Mercedes removes this problem by firing the spark plug more than one time per stroke. This creates a much bigger flame from the plug, causes less delay in ignition, and faster combustion overall.

According to the company, this technology is good for a two percent gain in efficiency for the engine. This level of proficiency might not sound a lot, but for more extended periods of time, it adds up. Watch this video below to understand the functioning of the overall system of the multi-spark plug used in Mercedes.

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