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These Are The 7 Most Luxurious Cars Of The World

Cars are usually classified with respect to their performance on road, however, there’s another criteria as well; interior. What follows is a list of 7 luxurious cars that have interiors which are just out of this world. Check it out!

7. Land Rover’s 2016 SVAutobiography

It features 29 speakers for providing an immersive surround sound experience and starts at $90,000.

The back seats feature a footrest for providing the best relaxation while also featuring full recline and a massager.

A folding table has also been incorporated into the center console for providing something that passengers can lean on.

All controls have been placed in the rear center console and there are sockets to allow passengers to charge any device that they want to.

It even comes equipped with a bottle chiller that allows you to take champagne along.

6. The BMW 740i is the next best thing.

It is priced at around $80,000.

The rear passenger seats are capable of reclining and feature a footstool that pops up for allowing the passengers to put their feet up.

The passenger seats spot heating, cooling and built-in massagers as well.

Each passenger has access to a touchscreen for watching multimedia or for looking up directions.

User also has access to adjusting the accent lighting in the car.

5. Henrik Fisker’s Force 1

It is priced at $230,000.

The interior features leather seats and the car has its own champagne holder.

4. Bentley drivers can completely customize the Flying Spur.

The basic model is priced at $200,000.

Owners have the option of placing a refrigerated bottle cooler between the back seats.

The interior’s color is chosen by the user.

3. The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman.

This beauty costs $567,000.

It comes with four seats in the back where one pair of seats is facing the other pair thus imparting the feel of a limousine.

The car even features pillows.

The interior has been equipped with 300 LED bulbs that are responsible for providing the accent lighting.

2. The Bentley Bentayga.

It has massagers in front seats and user can opt for the one that comes with Mulliner Hamper Set (refrigerator, fine china and a storage area for food).

These things are actually better than the ones you have at your home.

The back of the front seats have television screens.

Handcrafted wood and leather bring style to the care.

1. Rolls-Royce’s bespoke collection

These additions can add %30 premium to the car’s price that is already over $200,000.

This particular version is known as Serenity and is featured in Phantom. Seats have been created from silk and the details imparted in the paint will remind you of a Japanese garden.

The dashboard imparts an antique and serene feeling.

Well, that’s amazing!
Via [ Tech Insider ]