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RYNO Motorcycle Has Only One Wheel But Drives Better Than Your Everyday Motorcycle

The formula for the motorcycle has remained unchanged for many years, and rightfully so. There are fewer things that compare to travelling down the road completely exposed to the elements and feeling at one with the vehicle you’re travelling on. But Chris Hoffman decided to change the recipe for the motorcycle of the future.

Instead of adding something to the design, Hoffman removed one wheel from the conventional design. Hoffman’s one-wheeled RYNO motorcycle may be the next great thing in the history of motorcycles. The RYNO is currently a prototype which took seven years to complete and was inspired by a video game that Hoffman’s daughter was playing. The one-wheeled, zero emissions motorcycle uses technology similar to, but more advanced than, the Segway.

The single wheeled motorcycle will go into production soon (hopefully this year), with a price tag of $5,295. The production facility will be based in Portland, Oregon and Hoffman’s team is aiming to set up dealerships across the US, so potential customers can try the one-wheeled marvel themselves before buying one.