This Is How Astronauts Wear Their Space Suits

astronauts space suit

Nearly everyone has seen NASA astronauts walking in their iconic spacesuits, but no one has seen how they get into those things and what is inside them. A team from YouTube Channel has the same question, so they decided to reach NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston Texas to find all the answers to their questions.

Interestingly, the first thing that astronauts need to put on while going for a spacewalk is a diaper. This is because the astronaut needs to be outside for up to six hours and if you get a nature call in between, you have to answer it. After diaper comes the standard cotton long johns and a long sleeved t-shirt that protects the body from the next layer. Then comes the liquid cold ventilation garment.

The ventilation garment is a stretchy jumpsuit with tubes running through it. Inside the tubes is water. To regulate the body temperature of the astronaut, the flow rate of water can be varied in the tubes. Then comes the snoopy cap or communication cap. The cap has a built-in radio in it which allows the communication with the space station and Earth both. Once the astronaut has worn the communication cap, the base layer of the suit is completed.

Now comes the suit itself which is called the Extravehicular Mobility Unit or EMU. First is the lower torso assembly which is a big pair of pants with shoes built in it. Since the astronaut will be in space while dressing, they will float and reach the upper part of their suit which is hanging on the wall. Watch this video to find the small details about the suit, how it is made and how long it can last.

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