Watch These Two Guys Build A Primitive Swimming Pool Without Using Any Modern Tools

swimming pool

As soon as summer kicks in, people all over the world want to have their own private pool where they can cool down. These two men who initially emerged from an underground house, start digging at the ground around them with primitive tools. After some digging, they managed to dig a large moat around their house.


All pools need tiles and to compensate for that, they used mud collected from a local river that was mixed with sand. The tiles are formed into their shape with a basic frame and then cured over a fire. When the process was completed, the tiles were stacked and attached to the moat walls using some more river mud.

After that, a little bridge was constructed that connects the mainland to the house which was at the center of the moat now. The bridge was made from two arched branches and supports the smaller sticks to form a connection. The pool was then filled by hand using small clay vessels. The pool was full and then it was time to swim in it. It took nearly two weeks to build the pool. To build this pool, no modern tools were used. It was built using only the primitive tools and a lot of hard work. Watch the full video below:


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