Russian Hacker Shows How You Can Start A Fire With A Hammer And Nail

starting fire with hammer and nail

Summer is here and everyone wants to know tips on how to start your summer BBQ. The Russian hacker is back with tips on how you can start a fire for your BBQ or camping. For that purpose, all you will need is a hammer and nail with a lot of patience. The hacker, Taras Kulakov, hits the nail several times until it becomes so hot that it can ignite a piece of paper. Once the nail is hot, he set a piece of newspaper on fire with it. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. It requires several hours of work, switching hammers, nails and flammable material to find the right combination. It is indeed a cool trick to perform but you cannot rely on it to get your stove ready for the dinner.

The videos of the crazy Russian hacker are about his experiments and their failures. This trick works because hitting the nail heat up it enough that it can burn a page. In another video he said that he has seen the nail getting so hot that it started glowing.

Safety is always the number one priority and he has urged his viewers to wear gloves, goggles and ear protection while performing the trick. If hitting a nail repeatedly is not your idea of having fun, you can look at some other tricks that the Russian hacker has shared on his channel.

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