This iPhone Was Dropped In A Lake A Year Ago…And It Still Works

I’ve always thought that all the IP ratings and water resistance were hocus pocus in order to drive up mobile prices even further but this man proved just how effective Apple’s iPhone is against Mother Nature herself. The iPhone survived for a whole year at the bottom of a lake before being fished out and miraculously it still worked.

The iPhone was owned by Chen Yj, who wrote his story on the Bangfu1 Commune Facebook group (haha bangfu). Chen Yj wrote that he had lost his iPhone 11 in March of 2020, one year ago, while paddling on Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. He had his iPhone around his neck and while paddling he fell off at one point, only to watch as his expensive iPhone sunk to the bottom of the lake.

He still had the sense to keep it in the plastic bag, but still, a whole year in a lake is no small feat and the phone survived. His friend managed to get the phone out after a whole year as the water level had fallen due to a severe lack of rain. His friend managed to retrieve it although no detail was given on how long it actually took him.

Chen Yj was ecstatic when he finally heard the news and on April 2 went to his friend to check his old phone out. The plastic was all covered in mud but his iPhone was as dry as hay. Guess plastic really does last a lifetime. The iPhone was dead but that’s because its battery had run out. After a good charge later, the phone managed to boot up fine and worked just as he left it or dropped it or drowned it, I don’t know.

So it was the plastic that saved the phone in the end though I would have liked to see how the phone itself would have fared against the lake for a whole year.

All’s well that ends well.

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