This Eco-Friendly Bottle Of Soap Is Also Made Of Soap

The world faces major environmental pollution sourced from plastic waste, and with the growing population, it is not decreasing at all. As we move forward, collective efforts to fight it globally are on the right path now, from nations banning the use of plastic bags to introducing novel soap bottles made of soap are catering to the concern of waste pollution more than ever before.

Plastic waste such as plastic bags and plastic bottles are a serious threat to our environment and are known not to decompose in hundreds of years. You dig earth, and you find centuries-old plastic buried underneath in its original shape.

The idea for the soap bottles made of soap first appeared in a student design contest by Jonna Breitenhuber in 2019. It is now in its initial stages before it hits the global market soon. Up till now, images of simplistic and elegantly designed soap bottles containing liquid soap have appeared on the internet.

As you’d be thinking, it comes packing multiple benefits; it’s a two in one, offering liquid and solid soap together, while its bio-degradable design caters to the growing concern centered on plastic waste.

The innovation is limited to soap and shampoo bottles, as doing the same for soda or perfume bottles seem impossible. However, it sounds promising to start somewhere for the least in eliminating growing plastic waste.

The only thing to go to the trash of the new “soap bottle made of soap” is its packaging label. Interestingly, the startup project that began in 2019 has already reached its initial funding goal of 11 to 12 thousand dollars and is soon expected to increase given its innovative design.

The new eco-friendly method comes at a more price than solid soap bars or plastic bottles containing liquid soap. However, it is expected to be adopted by more people who know the cost would aid in securing our environment for generations to come.

It is a promising fit to reduce a major chunk of the kitchen and bathroom-associated waste, and newer such methods are expected to surface in the coming times. The elegant and simple design liquid soap bottle made of solid soap is set to be shipped around the world somewhere in 2022.

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