This Inflatable Super Kayak Can Be Packed In A Bag For Easy Transport

Many people love to explore the blue waters. One way to do that is kayaking. However, it comes with the pain of transporting the kayak to the desired location, which sometimes is more than the joy it brings.

But say no more, a new inflatable kayak design is introduced to cater to the kayak transporting issues, allowing the watersports lovers to place one inside their car trunk.

Developed by Kirk Kirchev, based in London, it is a modular sit-on-top catamaran design kayak. The innovative inflatable design also comes with Aramid fiber hulls, covered with thermoplastic to secure it from punctures and early wearing off.

The new inflatable kayak has an anodized 7000 aluminum alloy frame and a seat with a foldable backrest. It also packs a footrest for comfortable seating for longer durations. A cargo-carrying platform enables kayak lovers with abundant space to keep their stuff when going on a water cruise.

Its developers have equipped it with a portable electric pump for 15 psi hull inflation for inflating the kayak with USB-enabled charging. A four-piece paddle makes the kayak pave its way on a joy water ride.

Coming to its weight and dimensions upon being assembled, the kayak weighs 30 pounds (15 kg) and measures 12 ft long, 3 feet in its width, and 2.5 feet high.

Many models of Kayak are available in the market, with a range of features. But the new inflatable design kayak is what the water lovers needed. Given the convenience, it brings along for transporting it from point A to B. The future kayak model by Kirk Kirchev is expected to have a front child seat; you may take your pet along too. Moreover, the future would see the kayak packing an aft cargo deck, a sail mount, and an additional motor mount.

Upon reaching the market, the new kayak is expected to be priced around $1,304 U.S dollars, which is forty percent off from its expected retail price later. Take a look at the Super inflatable Kayak and learn more about its features in the video below.

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