WATCH: Starship SN11 Exploding In Slow Motion


Okay, so having fun at the expense of a company’s failure doesn’t look good and all but a video recently came up showing SpaceX’s Starship SN11 blow up is oddly satisfying to watch. The video is by Cosmic Perspective that documents the beauty and excitement of everything Space-related.

So a little context. SpaceX tried to launch their new prototype Starship SN11 on March 30th but sadly it blew up. This happened in part because the company decided to launch it inside a thick layer of dense fog which messed with the ship’s systems. It ultimately exploded into pieces.

The whole event was live-streamed but most streams were not able to catch much of the explosion. All we could see was mostly just debris falling all over the place. That is until Cosmic Perspective uploaded their video. Captured by special four-way omnidirectional microphones, the video shows huge pieces of the rocket failing down in glorious slow motion.

You can view the video below.

What actually happened was that, According to CEO Elon Musk himself, SN11 exploded due to a methane leak prior to reignition. Whatever the reason was, their next Starship prototype the SN15 is set to launch. Featuring “hundreds of design improvements across structures, avionics, software, and engine” according to the CEO.

While watching something explode is fun and all. I would actually like to see the ship land successfully.


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