This Innovative Toothbrush Also Works As A Toothpaste

Toothbrush That Also Works As Toothpaste

The TSA is enforcing the 3.4-ounce-liquid, single-quart-baggie rule and with this enforcement people are desperately looking out for toiletries that can allow them to make their way past through security line without any hassle. Twist&Brush is a concept by Spanish designers Kawamura-ganjavian and has merged a toothpaste dispenser with a toothbrush.Toothbrush That Also Works As Toothpaste 2

The most amazing aspect of his gadget is the handle that can be termed as a cross between a deodorant stick and a syringe. You’ll have to fill it up using toothpaste and when you intend on brushing your teeth, you need to twist the bottom a few notches and the toothpaste gets squeezed out the bristles. The best part is that the handle of clear plastic indicated precisely the amount of toothpaste contained within it and thus makes it easier for TSA to ascertain the amount you are carrying along.Toothbrush That Also Works As Toothpaste

The design is nothing short of amazing when you look at it from a traveler’s perspective and we are really looking forward to it becoming a reality.

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