This Hand Powered Dishwasher Cleans Your Dishes While Also Maintaining Your Health

circo dishwasher

Not everybody can buy the high-end dishwashers from Black and Decker, especially students and lower income guys. Keeping in mind this limitation, Circo Dishwasher was made that can be operated by hand. Plus, the inventors thought it would be cool to have it fulfill the purpose of a dish rack that can be used as a hand based dishwasher as well. So, this useful dishwasher-cum-rack was made to address all of these problems.

circo dishwasher2

To make it work both as a dishwasher and rack, several adjustments had to be made. Once the dishes have been cleaned, they can be allowed to dry the conventional way. The working of it washing mechanism is simple enough. First you have to add water to the removable base tray of the washer. Next, you add a Sodium Acetate tablet to heat the water of needed and then you just turn the handle. The mechanism of this part was the trickiest thing to make as it had to have a good cleansing effect on the dishes using water from the tray. A centrifuge connected to the handle sprays water to dishes and cleanses them. The technology is being kept a secret by the company since it isn’t easy to make a hand-held device like this. It can scrub a load of dishes in one minute, and you know what the best part is? You don’t have to take dishes out and dry them since it is a rack itself.

circo dishwasher3

In addition to working both as a dishwasher and rack, the Circo is also very environment-friendly since it manages the job in only 30 percent of the water required to do the dishes on an average electrical one. I think the idea is great and has a universal application with the third world countries where it has a definite market considering the acute shortage of electricity over there. Getting funding for this kind of project won’t be difficult for team Circo as long as their device works as good as they are claiming to be. It took them a year and a half to get all thing right, and now they are in the final stages of a full working prototype.

This video will give a good rendering for you to understand!


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  1. Stacey Reply

    How long till this is ready to purchase? I am waiting for you guys to get this on the market.

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