This Home Is Completely Made Out Of A Shipping Container

G-Pod Dwell 3

G-pod is a company based in Hong Kong and Australia whose latest invention is a shipping container home that stands out from the competition because of its expandable design that allows for more usable floor space. It has been named as G-pod Dwell.G-Pod Dwell 9 G-Pod Dwell 8 G-Pod Dwell 7

The Dwell is in production as of now and according to a company representative, the first unit will soon be rolling off the factory line. It requires about 3 hours to ‘unfold’ the Dwell from shipping container into a home and would require almost the same time for transportation. Although a hydraulic system is present for this purpose, users can also opt for manually pushing out the west, east and south push-outs. The job requires only one person so you can do it on your own as well. The deck is lowered manually and incorporated with it is a spring compensator system. The company assured that this effort results in the increase of size for the usable floor space; from 160 sq. ft. to 400 sq. ft.G-Pod Dwell 6 G-Pod Dwell 5 G-Pod Dwell 4

Dwell is small from inside but don’t let the size fool you; it is fully featured. It comes equipped with a kitchen, dining area, bathroom, bed, couch, laundry area and even a study nook. The deck, seating and BBQ bench are also present. The furniture has been built from bamboo that is sustainably sourced.

The Dwell has been designed so that with the aim to operate on or off the grid. The additional features include an optional rainwater collection system, composing toilet and a solar array. The solar array has been coupled with an integrated battery system that allows the Dwell to function for up to 3 days without sunlight.G-Pod Dwell 2 G-Pod Dwell

Insulation is always a problem with shipping container based homes, however, G-pod assures that the various glazing, insulation and screening options will have its users covered in all weather, ‘from the Australian Desert to the Ski- Fields of Japan.’ The G-pod Dwell will be priced at $49,000.

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