Disconnect Devices You Don’t Feel Safe Around With Cyborg Unplug

Cyborg Unplug 2

With the advances being made in science and technology, one thing that is going down the drain is user privacy. There are so many gadgets out there that can spy on you in a number of ways. In order to tackle this issue, a firm has come up with a router that is capable of detecting such devices and blocking them from gaining access to your Wi-Fi network. The gadget is known as Cyborg Unplug.
Cyborg Unplug 4

Cyborg Unplug 2

The proud owners of the gadget will also be able to disconnect the target devices from any network that they are linked to and this also entails paired connections between phones. In words of developer, Julian Oliver; ‘Every wireless device has a unique hardware signature assigned to it by the manufacturer. Wireless devices broadcast these signatures as they probe for, connect to and use wireless networks. Cyborg Unplug sniffs the air for these signatures, looking for devices its owner has selected to ban. If a banned device is discovered an alarm is triggered. Furthermore, if that device is found to be connected to a network that Cyborg Unplug is trained to guard, a stream of special ‘de-authentication’ signals (packets) are sent to disconnect it. It does this automatically, without any interaction required from its owner.’Cyborg Unplug 3

Upon detection of a device the alarm buzzes up, followed by disconnection of target equipment from the network automatically carried out by Cyborg Unplug. The alarm can be customized; either sound alarm or flashing of LEDs. The features, however, will vary as per the model that has been purchased. Cyborg Unplug is capable of being operated in two modes; Territory Mode and All Out Mode.

The recommended mode is the Territory Mode where the devices in question are disconnected from selected networks that are owned by the user. The second mode disconnects all devices that are detected as a target from any network that they’re associated with. For those of you who are wondering, no the Cyborg Unplug is not a jammer. Principally speaking, a jammer would disrupt all the signals within a given area, whereas, the Cyborg Unplug targets a specific device and only disconnects that particular gadget from the networks.Cyborg Unplug

It has been designed, as per the company, for places where networks are being used by a number of people such as schools, offices or restaurants. Owners can specify during setup phase if they wish for the smartphones connection to be allowed and whether to block Google Glass device or not. The two models will become available by the end of this year with an expected price tag of $50-100.


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