This Hacked Pepper Grinder Will Block WiFi During Your Family Dinners

Disable Wifi

Last year, the European food company Dolmio presented an ad campaign that envisioned a solution to fight the technological gadgets that have ‘hijacked the family dinner.’

The company handed out the prototypes of the ‘Pepper-Hackers’ to frustrated mums who were asked to hide camera above the table and record the entire episode in a social experiment conducted by the company.

One twist of the Pepper-Hacker blocks the Wi-Fi and disables smartphones as well as Televisions. Initially, tempers ran high as the Wi-Fi was shut down, but soon the families settled down to enjoy a peaceful and pleasant dinner, as the gadgets lay forgotten on one side. See the entire ad campaign in this video:



The company is now giving away a couple thousands of Pepper-Hackers to the Australian customers who sign up for the contest between August 24 and September 27.

The Pepper-Hacker’s ‘dinnertime Wi-Fi’ supersedes all other networks in the home. All devices trying to reach Wi-Fi are re-routed to the ‘dinnertime Wi-Fi’ that reads:

“It’s family dinnertime and the internet is not invited.”


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Once fully charged, Pepper-Grinder can last for six 30-minute dinners. In the age of smart gadgets, Pepper Grinder will make your home dumber, for all the right reasons!

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