This Guy Turned His Truck Into Something Awesome That Will Blow You Away!


Redditor tylerthompson21 wanted to have the perfect adventure vehicle for upcoming vacations he had been planning for a while. However, when he looked around at options available, he soon realized that there were only a few vehicles available that would fit his needs but the cost was too steep for any ordinary person to own. It was then that he decided to build his own adventure machine. Check the step by step pictures of his awesome DIY conversion

It started with some wood planks and bolts. The idea was to build a drawer.

Truck DIY 1

Angle irons made the perfect foundation for perpendicular structure

Truck DIY 2

To make it easier for drawer to slide in and out, he bolted ordinary skateboard bearings

Truck DIY 3

Aluminium tubing made the perfect sliders

Truck DIY 4

The final assembly looked like this

Truck DIY 5

The drawer came out like this

Truck DIY 6

To make access to battery simpler, he made a cutout

Truck DIY 7

Another storage space for quick access for regularly needed items

Truck DIY 8

The locking mechanism for bumpy rides

Truck DIY 9

Latch for the lock

Truck DIY 10

Lock for the drawer

Truck DIY 11

Latches for drawers

Truck DIY 12

He applied Silicone to make the drawer water proof

Truck DIY 13

Some varish and clear polish to add life to the wood

Truck DIY 14

Guard for lock mechanism

Truck DIY 15

The battery is installed

Truck DIY 16

Power sockets for shaver, laptop and mobile chargers.

Truck DIY 17

White LED bars for light

Truck DIY 18

Speakers for Music

Truck DIY 19

Once the drawer is pulled out, it becomes a table.

Truck DIY 20

Ready! Ample storage space and a full length bed. Off for adventure

Truck DIY 21



  1. tyrone clarke Reply

    That was very inventive tylerthompson. I read the whole thing on how u changed ur truck. U should go into ur own bnis, if u already r, thats good. Good luck to u in future n safe trips in ur truck.

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