This Cool 3D Printed Gun Can Fire Paper Planes

Fully Automated Airplane Firing 3D Printed Gun3

3D printers and 3D printing has surely taken off at an exponential speed (just like we had predicted) and here we are again with this awesome 3D printed gun that a geek has come up with. This awesome gun fires paper airplanes. Oh yes, this isn’t fake, this is awesomely and wonderfully engineered contraption that is – wait for it – legendary to say the least!Fully Automated Airplane Firing 3D Printed Gun

The gun is about the size of a Nerf dart blaster and is capable of handling the action from start to end. It is loaded up with paper that is unfolded. You turn the machine on and then the machine takes care of the rest. The paper undergoes a process that involves a number of rollers and is folded into shape followed by firing of the plane from the barrel.Fully Automated Airplane Firing 3D Printed Gun4

Wondering if you can build your own awesome airplane firing gun? Yes you can! The details are available at and it is the work of German folding fans. Fully Automated Airplane Firing 3D Printed Gun2 Fully Automated Airplane Firing 3D Printed Gun3Make use of Google Translate and a 3D printer to get your own version of this gun. You will need a motor to drive the machine though, a small motor that is. The gun shown in the video makes use of a cordless screwdriver. The precaution required is understanding that increased torque will only make the material enter too fast and probably end with paper jams. Check out the video below for complete details:

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