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This Guy Just Got The World’s First Bionic Penis Attached To His Body

Yes, you heard it right but even we have a hard time imagining how it would work. Luckily all the details of this sensitive experiment have been made public. The operation was undertaken by a group of surgeons on 43-year old Muhammad Abad from the United Kingdom. Abad lost his genitals in a gruesome car accident when he was six. A car struck him, and then the poor guy was dragged along on the road for more than six hundred feet before the stupid guy at the wheel got to understand what had happened to him.

Now that he was deprived of his penis and a testicle, Abad couldn’t take part in any sexual activity. This kind of transplant is just a recent specialty developed by the most seasoned surgeons throughout the world. It all started three years ago when the man was given a shot at becoming “whole again” with the idea of a bionic apparel. There were numerous problems lying in the way of the a fully functional penis as they could get as much skin possible from the person but what they couldn’t make the erectile function possible.

So now they had the idea of making a semi-automatic attachment for him. Three years worth of skin grafts from his body were enough to make a penis and he was given an electromagnetic attachment that allowed him to get it erected after he pushed a button near his scrotum. The operation took a long 11-hour long procedure and at the end he had an eight-inch penis that he can get erected with a button. When he pushes that weapon, fluid enters the penis and inflates it for the action. The particular fluid is stored in a bag near his stomach region and gets refilled after each *ahem* action sequence.

So, it is a very good arrangement for Abad who now gets to enjoy one of the few delights in life. In a similar story, a man from South Africa got the World’s first penis transplant from someone else. He though it was embarrassing and therefore his operation hasn’t been announced publicly. With this operation, the guy is now close to becoming a father. It is indeed amazing to see this!