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Musician Grimes Says Others Can Using A.I. To Create Songs In Her Voice And She Will Split Any Royalties With Them

Musician Grimes Is Okay With Others Using A.I. To Create Songs In Her Voice And Will Split Any Royalties With Them

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues transforming different industries, it has also made its way into the music industry. While some musicians and record labels are concerned about the unauthorized use of AI-generated music, others see it as an opportunity for collaboration and new art forms.

Grimes, a pop star who has previously collaborated with AI technology to create a lullaby for her child, has invited the public to use AI to make music in her voice. She even offered to split 50% of the royalties from any successful AI-generated song that uses her voice.

In addition, Grimes has previously expressed her support for open-sourcing art and making copyright obsolete.

However, AI-generated music has raised legal concerns about copyright and fair use, especially as some AI-generated songs have imitated the style of famous artists like Kanye West and Selena Gomez.

 While some believe that AI could lead to legal risks, others, like Scott Keniley, an entertainment lawyer, see it as an opportunity for artists to monetize their music and collaborate. In Keniley’s view, AI artists can make legitimate contributions to the music industry, and companies can profit from it.

As the music industry evolves, it will be interesting to see how AI-generated music fits into the landscape and whether it leads to new forms of creativity and collaboration or new legal challenges.

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