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Designer Pays Tribute To Apple By Designing A Dress Made Out Of iPhones

iPhone has surely got some diehard fans and they all like to pay tribute to the Steve Jobs’ creation in different ways. Meet Elie Tahari, who is a fashion designer born in Israel and has come up with an ‘iPhone Dress’ to pay tribute to the latest phone by Apple. The dress is a basic black silhouette, carved out of ‘techno-fabric’, a special mesh which has allowed for over 50 iPhones to be sewn into the dress.

It is not wearable, mind you, however the idea behind this was for Tahari to make a statement about how technology and fashion can merge while paying tribute to iPhone 6. He says, “I’m inspired by the iPhone. I’ve always been. The only device I really have is an iPhone.” The unveiling of dress took place at the Spring 2015 presentation that was carried out earlier this month at the Elie Tahari Vault on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Following up to the event, a spokesperson had said, “The model will be wearing the dress and circulating throughout the presentation. Since the iPhones are all over the dress, they can capture all angles of the presentation. If you walk up to her you can see yourself on it. It captures what the dress sees.”

He further stated that Tahari has been inspired by what Steve Jobs strived for and the impact that striving had on the everyday life of a common man, “They saw that the two things were coinciding, and used it to tie fashion and technology together.”

Watch this video to know more about the iPhone dress:

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