This Glowing Swirl Spotted Over Hawaii Turned Out To Be Something Quite Normal

A strange sight over Hawaii recently caught people’s attention. It left them confused and anxious as it was not a usual thing to happen for human beings on earth. But later on, they took a sigh of relief when it was declared by SpaceX that it was nothing to worry about but a flying whirlpool associated with the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket that has caused this unique night spiral for the people of Hawaii. What happened exactly is that SpaceX has launched Falcon 9 rocket which has two stages to be completed in. In the first stage of Falcon 9, which is capable to be used up again, landed successfully in the Pacific Ocean. However, in its second stage, which is not usable and has to be wasted, burned up automatically in the atmosphere causing a unique flare in the sky.

Mysterious Glowing Swirl Over Hawaii Was Actually a Dying SpaceX Rocket -  daytonews

SpaceX is actually the entity that is behind the launching of almost one-third of such satellites into the orbits. According to a report presented in the Astronomical Journal which stated that; “In less than a decade, one out of every 15 spots of light in the night sky will be a moving satellite, giving a bleak image of the future of satellite pollution”. The video below shows a unique phenomenon of these lights which is unmistakably a result of satellite operation i.e., Falcon 9 – Stage 2.  This video was shot by the Subaru Telescope which is 8.2 meters optical fiber telescope that is made as a result of the reconciliation between the Astronomical Academy of Japan and Hawaii. Have a look at this out of the ordinary video below:

The clip “shows the distinctive spiral created by the post-deorbit-burn fuel release of the Falcon 9 upper stage,” according to Marco Langbroek, a satellite tracker located in the Netherlands. He went on to say that the object “deorbited over the Pacific shortly after the end of the first revolution.” Among all these odds, some unbelievable rumors are also doing rounds on different astronomical platforms in which some scientists are giving controversial statements that this might be the sign of alien life. However, these are just true to the extent of rumors and nothing else as we have already been notified by SpaceX that it is the result of the Falcon 9 project.

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