This Experimental Robot Ran A 5k Race By Itself

The technological advances in the field of robotics have made robots capable of emulating human behavior and activities with quite convenience. They are being programmed to perform everything a human can do, and they are delivering outstanding results. Let it be programming, generating codes, predicting next moves or trends through Artificial Intelligence, providing services at the airports or restaurants, robots can handle it all now. A recent development in robotics has enabled robots to perform other tasks that humans are capable of. It is not related to providing services or evading dangerous situations. Basically, a robot was made to run a 5k race and it came through.

This is an important milestone in robotics. This has further left humans behind in the race of better performance between robots and humans. The robot is named Cassie and it was designed at Oregon State University. She completed the journey in less than an hour which is almost the same time as humans.

This is a staggering victory for the researchers and scientists at the university. Firstly, it is so because robots are not considered to be very mobile, especially in an outdoor setting. They have restricted and rigid movements. However, Cassie did not only manage to stand upright throughout the race but, completed the entire race without giving up.

 Secondly, throughout the time of the race, Cassie did not require to be recharged or taken to any break station for maintenance. This shows how capable the robot is and even without human supervision or aid, it can function quite well on its own.

However, there were few minor setbacks in the experience. Cassie had felt a few slow patches that added around 6 minutes more to its entire time. Also, the computer was overheated during the race too. Humans were still a little faster than the robot. Still, it is a victory for the team behind and it shows how limitless technology in robotics can be.

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