This Robot Can Create Murals Of A Hundred Thousand Dominoes In An Hour

If you’ve ever tried putting dominoes together to do some insane falling tricks with them, then you’re well aware of how much patience and attention to detail is required in completing that task. Even skilled maze builders require a lot of time, energy, and concentration to place domino pieces without them accidentally falling over. Well, gone are those days of hard work, thanks to the world record domino robot, Dom!

Dom is a very interesting domino-making machine that is designed to build large sets of standing domino pieces together using the principles of mechanics and precision. You might think it’s easy for a robot to build dominos in an instant but apparently, it took the developers a good five years to get the machine on the right track. Working with the principles of physics and getting the machine to load and reload the dominos in the exact right place were one of the challenges faced by the team. But now, the Dominator (which is its legal birth name) is 50 times faster than the most skilled domino builder and can easily place 100K dominoes in 24 hours!

The Dom works with the help of a loading station and robot arm that grabs the dominoes based on color and puts it on one of the 300 loading shoots on the robot, which means that Dom can place 300 dominoes simultaneously and sometimes even stacks them on top of each other if he’s trying to show off!

World Record Domino Robot

While the Dominator is only good for putting down dominoes, it’s still a pretty impressive machine with its high accuracy and flexible movements. The future of gaming is here and it’s not just for the latest PC games, but looking at traditional games getting revolutionized with the help of technology is a pretty interesting concept to see as well.

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