This Electric Truck Claims To Fully Recharge Within 13 Minutes

atlis recharge battery record

When it comes to the charging capability of Electric Vehicles, like other automotive, speed is also necessary. Just last month Porsche claimed that their charging stations would provide the power which will recharge the electric vehicles in 15 minutes. Now an Arizona based EV startup Atlis Motor Vehicles, which is an electric pickup truck manufacturer, said that it has completed its first large-scale prototype battery pack and has achieved a full recharge within 13 minutes. According to the firm, the engineers at Atlis were attempting a full charge in 15 minutes when the testing showed that the task was completed in 12 minutes and 35 seconds. This is so far the best ultra-fast charging time in the EV industry.

CEO and founder of Atlis, Mark Hanchett said, “We have completed preliminary testing of our prototype pack with fast charging capabilities, and we’re proud to announce that we did better than expected. We beat our charge time by 2 minutes and 25 seconds by charging a 3 kWh pack to full in 12 minutes 35 seconds.” Atlis Motor Vehicles was founded in 2016, and its primary focus was on developing the first American full-size battery-electric pickup truck that will offer the same advantages of the traditional work truck. To achieve this goal, the firm also committed to charging the batteries of EV by providing an affordable 15 minutes charging time.

Hanchett said, “This was the key to proving our technology – recharge times for batteries is still one of the largest obstacles to wider adoption of electric vehicles.” The key to the record-breaking charging was the unique cooling system. Cooling appears to be the key to fast charging. Hanchett said, “Properly managing cell temperatures is still overlooked by many electric vehicle manufacturers but is one of the most critical components to battery performance and longevity.” According to the website of the company, the current record-breaking time is only the beginning. The page states, “Our vehicles will be capable of a 15-minute charge today, a 5-minute charge tomorrow.”

Atlis battery packs can also be scaled in size according to the requirement and needs of the client. The company is also promising for making charging affordable for the EV customers. Currently, it is offering free charging to its first 5000 customers or 20% off to their monthly subscription rate.

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