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This Concept Paper Battery Could Let You Buy Extra Battery Time At Your Local Store


Check out this amazing concept by Tsung Chih-Hsien that has won the Red Dot Design Award. It is a small cardboard capsule capable of charging your smartphone. The device has been named ‘Mini Power’ and you simply need to select how much battery time you need; 2,4 or 6 hours, and then plug the capsule in. Once it has served the purpose, recycle it.

The biodegradable design, as envisioned by the creator, will soon be purchasable from convenience stores. The design aims at being environment-friendly while also saving time? when it comes to packaging. Each Mini Power battery could, theroretically speaking, be broken off from a perforated sheet and shall thus allow users for bulk purchases.

The idea of disposable batteries isn’t new. The same concept has quite a target audience in Asia where in Japan disposable batteries are sold in huge numbers. However, those batteries are not environment-friendly owing to the lithium inside and the plastic casing that they are sold in.

Although the Mini Power will have a small battery inside of it as well, the Tsung speculates that it will be recycled when the user visits to purchase new Mini Power from store; drop the used one and purchase the new one. Although disposable batteries won’t be as efficient as the external and rechargeable battery packs, but coming up with a good design such as the one by Tsung sure does highlight the pluses that disposable batteries have to offer.

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